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Were you injured at work? Watch this video to find out why it’s crucial to bring an experienced attorney with you to your workers’ compensation hearing.

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Do I have to attend my workers’ compensation hearing?


In meeting with one of my clients the other day, we had filed a workers’ compensation claim because the insurance company had denied his benefits and we were preparing for the first state of the process. In Massachusetts, the first step is a conciliation, where the attorneys meet; the client doesn’t have to be present for that. If it isn’t resolved at that stage, then it’s moved on to an administrative law judge at a conference, an informal process where the attorneys present their side of the claim; the client has to be there, but doesn’t have to speak.
Once that process is done, a decision is given by the judge. If either side doesn’t like that decision, they’ll appeal to a hearing level. The hearing level is a little more formal; it’s kind of like a trial, where there are witnesses, testimony, and cross-examination. The client has to be there – in fact, probably will have to testify at that hearing – but your attorney will advise you along the way as to what you have to show up for and will prep you for what is going to happen.

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