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What Should Workers Do If They Are Hurt on the Job in Massachusetts

The Essential Guide from an Experienced Work Accident Lawyer

Over the past three decades of working as a work accident attorney, I’ve witnessed countless hardworking individuals grappling with the aftermath of workplace injuries. It’s daunting, and the process can often feel overwhelming. But with the right guidance and understanding, you can navigate this challenging period with confidence.

Immediate Steps After a Workplace Injury

  • Notify Your Employer Immediately: Regardless of the severity of the injury, always let your boss or manager know right away. Minor injuries can escalate, and timely reporting can make a significant difference in your claim’s success.
  • Seek Prompt Medical Attention: Your well-being comes first. While your employer or their workers’ compensation insurer might direct you to their doctor initially, you have the right to see your own doctor for subsequent visits. Ensure your chosen physician is aware to bill through workers’ compensation and that they closely document your prognosis, treatment plan, and progress.

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Why Is It Important to Report A Work Accident and Injury Immediately?

If you were injured on the job in Massachusetts, it is critical that you immediately report your injuries. The ramifications of failing to report your work accident immediately could severely compromise your workers’ compensation claim. Delays might be perceived as red flags by the workers’ compensation insurer.

A common suspicion arises: Was the injury genuinely sustained at work? If your injuries prevent you from returning to work, the stakes are high. The fallout of a claim denial, especially for a genuine workplace injury, can impose significant distress and hardship on the injured party.

Reporting Injuries: Key Regulations and Procedures

When it comes to reporting your injury, understanding Massachusetts regulations is crucial:

Why Engaging a Work Accident Attorney is Crucial

Protect Your Rights – Schedule A Free Consultation With An Experienced Work Accident Attorney.

If you or a loved one has been injured at work, don’t wait. Reach out to an experienced work accident attorney today. Remember, time is of the essence, and every moment counts. Your health, well-being, and financial future are on the line.

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