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Are you wondering if you can receive workers’ compensation for car accidents on the job in Massachusetts? If you have been seriously injured in a crash, you could be eligible to receive benefits. Contact our Massachusetts workers’ compensation lawyers today to review your case and find out if you can make a claim.

Workers’ Compensation for Car Accidents | Eligibility

Workers’ compensation is available for injuries that occur while at work. In most cases, that does not include accidents that happen while commuting to the workplace. In Massachusetts, the “coming and going” rule does not protect workers on their commutes. But there are some exceptions to the rule. A few examples include:

  • Salespeople/Traveling Nurses – If your job requires you to spend several hours driving each day, or you do not have a traditional workplace and work from your vehicle, you may be exempt from the coming and going rule.
  • On-Call Workers – If you are called into work, you may be eligible for benefits if an injury occurs after you’ve been called in.
  • Work-Related Errands – If you were sent out to pick up supplies, or to run a quick errand, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation.

Ultimately, coming and going accident cases are highly complex. A qualified Massachusetts workers’ compensation lawyer is necessary for protecting your rights and fighting for compensation you deserve.

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Workers’ Compensation for Car Accidents | Hire a Lawyer

If you were injured in a workplace accident, you are entitled to benefits through your employer. Unfortunately, in Massachusetts, workers can find it difficult to obtain their rightful benefits.

Employers in the state pay insurers to cover workers’ compensation claims, and insurance companies are notorious for bullying victims. They may ignore, delay, or deny your claims, making it difficult to receive compensation when you need it most.

When you hire a workers’ compensation lawyer, your attorney’s job is to protect you from this aggressive behavior. Your attorney will be tasked with investigating your accident, collecting evidence, and helping you build a strong case for workers’ compensation. Your lawyer also helps you through the filing process, ensuring everything is done correctly to ensure you receive benefits quickly.

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