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Lawyer appealing a denied workers' compensation claim in Massachusetts

If the workers’ comp insurance company makes a decision to deny your claim, you have the option of appealing the workers’ compensation claim denial directly to the DIA by filing a claim. Read this article to learn about the steps in appealing a denied claim. Contact the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Young to schedule a free consultation.

Workers’ Compensation Claim Denial | Deadline

The worker has two ways to file its claim: by mail or in person. Either way, the worker must get certain documents to the DIA’s Boston office. This includes the completion and submission of Form 110. Additionally, the worker must provide the following documents and information:

  • Medical reports
  • Unpaid medical bills
  • Witness names and statements
  • Anything else that explains how the injury occurred

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Workers’ Compensation Claim Denial | Giving Notice

After submitting Form 110 and relevant documentation to the DIA, the worker will need to give notice of the claim to the workers’ compensation insurance company by providing them a copy of all documents sent to the DIA. A common method of providing these documents is by sending them via Certified Mail.

Workers’ Compensation Claim Denial | Role of the DIA

The DIA will do one of two things after the worker files a claim. First, the DIA might reject the claim on procedural grounds due to the worker improperly completing Form 110. If this happens, the DIA will send everything back to the worker with an explanation of what is incorrect or incomplete. The worker can try and file the claim again. Second, the DIA will accept the claim and set up a conciliation meeting. This is the same conciliation meeting that takes place during the claims dispute resolution process.

If you are refused workers’ compensation benefits, all is not lost. To learn more about the workers’ compensation dispute resolution and appeals process, please contact our office for a consultation with a dedicated Massachusetts workers’ compensation hearings and appeals attorney. Let our experience work for you.

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