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injured worker on a stretcher being assisted by an EMT

What Steps Should You Take After Being Injured at Work?

Work Injury Steps

No matter what kind of job you have, you are likely at risk for some kind of injury. The kinds of injuries that you are at risk for can vary depending on what you do. While you may feel stressed and confused after experiencing an injury at work that does not mean that you need to let it overwhelm you. Understanding the worker’s compensation claim process can help ease your mind.

The First Step

If you have experienced an injury at work, whether it was an unexpected one-time occurrence or an injury that developed over time due to repetitive stress or trauma, then you need to make sure that you report it to your employer. This way, your injury can get documented. Even if you think the injury is just a minor one such as a muscle pull that will go away, you should mention it to a boss, or even a co-worker. Reporting an injury as close to when it happens plays a large part in whether the claim will be denied or not and how quickly you receive compensation.

The Second Step

After letting your employer know about your injury, you need to make sure that you get prompt medical attention for your injuries. This can be important even if your injuries do not seem severe. The reality is that an injury could seem mild, and then worsen over time. By getting medical help you can ensure that your injury is being treated properly and that the work injury is being documented in the medical records.

The Third Step

Consult an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to learn what your rights are and what needs to be done to ensure that you get all of the benefits that you are entitled to as promptly as possible.

Don’t Wait. Insurers only have 14 days to pay or deny your claim. Learn how to improve your chances of having your claim approved.