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man with lower back pain after a work injury

How Does Pain Factor into Workers’ Compensation Claims?

When a Massachusetts work accident results in an injury, workers’ compensation benefits are available through your employer’s insurance company. Workers’ compensation laws allow for specific types of compensation. If you are experiencing considerable or chronic pain after your work accident, you may wonder how pain and suffering factor into your claim.

Third-Party Claims

Unfortunately, workers’ compensation laws do not provide benefits for pain and suffering. There are some instances, such as when there is a negligent third party (someone who is not an employee of the company you work for who is responsible for your injury) that a personal injury case can be brought against. This type of case may provide damages for pain and suffering.

Some examples of these situation would be a car crash where the third party is negligent. Or if a cleaning company was hired to wash the floors in your place of work and due to their negligence in performing the work, you slipped and fell sustaining injury. Or your injury was caused by a defective machine or piece of equipment. A products liability claim may be possible against that manufacturer.

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