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Doctor holding a work accident form

Seeking medical attention after a workplace injury is the most important step you must take. Obviously, it is extremely beneficial for your health, but it is also the foundations of a solid workers’ comp claim. Your employer’s workers’ comp insurance carrier will be very skeptical of the validity of your injuries if you never sought out medical treatment following your accident. If you are seeking compensation after a job site injury, you absolutely must seek medical attention in order to have your injuries properly documented.

Seeking Medical Attention | Company Doctor

Our office got a call from a gentleman the other day who was in the union and he wanted to know if he would have to see a company doctor on a workers’ compensation injury claim. Under Massachusetts workers’ compensation law in most cases, you don’t have to go to a particular doctor or a company doctor. There are some situations where unions will make agreements that you see their doctor first, but that’s the exception to the rule. If you have questions, you should speak to a workers’ compensation attorney who handles workers’ comp in Massachusetts, to get the answers to those questions.

Seeking Medical Attention | Following Doctors’ Orders

A call we frequently get from our clients is about how the insurance company doctor has said that they can go back to work after an independent medical exam, but their own treating doctor has said that they’re still disabled. You should listen to the advice of your own doctor. The insurance company may try to terminate or modify your benefits, in which case you need to speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer, if you don’t already have one, and find out what your rights are.

Seeking Medical Attention | Second Opinions

A client was injured at work, had surgery on his knee, wasn’t happy with the results, and his question was, “Can I get another opinion with another doctor?” The answer is yes, you can. In Massachusetts, under the workers’ compensation law, you can actually go to three different doctors in the same practice area before the insurance company can object to that. Yes, second opinions are allowable in Massachusetts. Speak to a qualified workers’ compensation attorney and find out more about what your rights are.

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