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If you have been injured on a job site and are wondering about receiving benefits for disability, contact our Lowell workers’ compensation attorneys today. Schedule a free consultation today and get started on the path to recovery.

Receiving Benefits for Disability | Temporary Partial Disability

I have a client I was talking with the other day. He was able to go back to some form of work, but not earn what he was earning before, so the insurance company agreed to put him on partial disability. In Massachusetts, you’re entitled to 60% of the difference between what you’re able to make after the injury and what your average weekly wage was prior to the injury. That benefit can run for up to five years.

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Receiving Benefits for Disability | Retirement Benefits

I received a call from a gentleman who was injured at work, was disabled, and couldn’t return. The question was, could he file for other disability benefits, and the answer was yes. If you’re covered by long-term disability or short-term disability, you can file for those in addition to your workers’ compensation. Usually, the workers’ compensation benefits will offset most of your long-term or short-term disability benefits. The other benefit you may be entitled to is Social Security Disability benefits. If you’re going to be out of work for more than a year, you can file for those benefits.

Again, there are formulas where they offset these other benefits based on your workers’ compensation that’s paid, but it is a situation that, if eventually you settle your workers’ compensation claim and you allocate that settlement over your life expectancy, than your offset for the Social Security may come off and you will be getting those benefits in full. It’s a complicated area and you need to seek the advice of a Massachusetts workers’ compensation attorney.

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