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Usually, workers’ compensation and getting injured on the job has a connotation of being hurt in a construction accident. Common examples would include falling off a ladder or being injured by faulty machinery. Yet there are other workplace injuries, such as loss of vision or hearing, that can be fatal and result in workers’ compensation. Contact our Lowell office today for experienced Massachusetts workers’ comp representation.

Other Workplace Injuries | Loss of Vision

Perhaps one of the most debilitating on-the-job injuries a worker can suffer is the loss of vision or eyesight. Workplace vision and hearing loss can sideline a worker temporarily, permanently, and totally, and leave the worker with a permanent incapacity.  Massachusetts workers’ compensation laws provide benefits for the loss of vision or eyesight in one or both eyes.  Workplace vision and hearing loss can occur in a variety of ways such as from chemical or light exposure, and from acute traumatic events directly to the eyes or head.

Given the magnitude of the impact that a vision loss injury is likely to have on an injured worker’s ability to work following the injury, it is essential for a worker who sustains a vision injury to consult a knowledgeable attorney who can protect their rights and ensure they receive all of the maximum possible benefits available to them, as they very well may be precluded from doing some or all work for the rest of their lives depending on the severity of the injury.

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Other Workplace Injuries | Loss of Hearing

When most people think of work-related or on-the-job injuries, they conjure up images of a slip and fall, a torn rotator cuff, a back injury such as a herniated disc, lacerations, amputations, concussions, and burns.  That is to say people tend to think of injuries that occur from one specific acute or traumatic workplace event.  They do not tend to think of work-related hearing loss, which is generally gradual in nature.  And while these one-time occupational injuries are commonplace due to the open and obvious nature of a one-time event, they may not be as prevalent as gradual occupational induced hearing loss, which impacts over twenty million workers every year!  Perhaps this is due to the often times gradual onset of work-related noise-induced hearing loss, which often manifests gradually after repeated and continuous daily exposure to workplace noise.  Workers are often unaware of the cause of their hearing loss as employers have little to no incentive to explain to their employees the devastating and permanent impact that industrial noise exposure has on their hearing.

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