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In Massachusetts, every injured worker has the right to workers’ compensation. However, these claims can sometimes be denied by your employer’s insurance carrier. There are a few mistakes to avoid when making a workers’ comp claim so that you receive the full compensation you deserve.

Do Not Wait to Report Your Injury

Should a worker be unlucky enough to have an accident at work, there are a few things they should promptly do. First, they need to report it to the employer. This will be necessary when filing a workers’ compensation claim. Ideally, the worker should report the accident in writing. Not only will it make it harder for an employer to potentially argue they never knew about the accident, but it will allow the worker to record details about the accident while the memories are still fresh. If the injury is never reported or documented, then there is technically no proof that the injury ever took place.

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See a Doctor As Soon As Possible

Providing accurate information to your doctor is extremely important — not only is it vital for corroboration in the event your claim is denied, but it also aids in a quicker recovery. As mentioned before, if you never go to see a doctor for your injury, there is once again very little proof that the serious injury ever happened.

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