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Workplace injury law varies slightly from state to state. If you are injured on the job while working in the state of Massachusetts, it is important to know what benefits you may be entitled to in accordance with Massachusetts workers’ compensation law.

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Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Law | Disability Benefits

Massachusetts workers’ compensation law defines three designations for disability, which are as follows: Total and Permanent Incapacity, Total Incapacity, and Partial Incapacity. Each designation is entitled to a different amount of compensation.

  • Employees who suffer from Total and Permanent Incapacity are eligible for Total and Permanent Disability Benefits. This means that the injured worker is eligible to receive two-thirds of their average weekly wage (based on their yearly, 52-week income), along with increased compensation for higher cost-of-living expenses. These benefits may be paid for the remainder of the injured employee’s lifetime.
  • Employees who suffer from Total Incapacity are eligible for Total Disability Benefits, which pays the injured worker 60% of their average weekly wage. However, workers can only receive these benefits for up to three years, or 156 weeks.
  • Employees who suffer from Partial Incapacity are eligible for Partial Disability Benefits. This refers to workers who have been injured on the job and are now limited in the amount of work they can perform. Partial Disability Benefits allows them to receive 60% of the difference between their weekly wage before the injury and after.

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Under Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Law, all employers are required to display the name and contact information of their workers’ compensation insurance provider. However, processing a claim and receiving the appropriate benefits is not as easy as it sounds. Claims can be denied for almost any reason, and it is often the simplest mistakes that are the easiest to avoid.

Filling out all the necessary paperwork, making all the required phone calls, and meeting with insurance agents can quickly become tedious and stressful, so why not let a paid professional ease your burden and argue your claim for you? A Lowell workers’ compensation attorney manages your negotiations and provides the wherewithal for you to move forward.

If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, you will need an experienced attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation cases on your side. Please call us today to set up a free consultation.

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