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emergency worker caring for an injured worker

If someone is injured as a result of his or her job, the first and primary source of recovery will be workers compensation. Here is some information on workers’ compensation.

For those who are unfamiliar, workers compensation is a form of insurance for injured workers that provides two primary benefits. The first is compensation for lost income due to missed work and the second is payment of medical bills. What makes workers compensation unique is that injured employees are entitled to these benefits regardless of who is responsible for the injury.

Information on Workers’ Compensation | Complications

But there’s a catch. Subject to a few exceptions, injured employees are prohibited from suing their employer for the personal injuries that occur at work. This prohibition exists even if the employer is the cause of those injuries.

Another common issue with workers compensation is that it’s sometimes very difficult to obtain all the compensation the worker is entitled to under the law. Whether it’s an improper denial of the claim or requiring the worker to jump through a bunch of hoops, the workers compensation process does not always go smoothly.

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Information on Workers’ Compensation | Types of Benefits

There are two main types of workers compensation benefits, with the first being income replacement. The exact amount as well as how long a worker may receive this benefit will depend largely on the extent of the injuries and when the worker is capable of returning to work.

Workers can receive 60 percent of their gross weekly wage for up to 156 weeks. And instances where the injury leads to a permanent disability, the workers compensation benefits are available for as long as the disability is present.

Medical Care Coverage

The second major benefit is the medical care coverage.  This will pay for most, if not all, of the workers reasonable medical needs. This includes mileage reimbursement for travel and prescription drugs. The workers compensation insurance company must pay these medical bills as long as the medical care is reasonably necessary. If you need to know more basic workers compensation info, please call our Lowell workers’ comp attorney today for a free consultation.

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