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Foreign voluntary workers’ compensation coverage (FVWC) might be necessary for companies that employ workers who travel outside of the United States on business. This specific type of coverage provides benefits to employees who suffer an injury while working in another country.

Foreign Voluntary Workers’ Compensation Coverage | Examples

Every employer in Massachusetts is required to carry workers’ compensation coverage. This straightforward coverage provides benefits for any worker who is injured on the job. Foreign Voluntary Workers’ Compensation Coverage protects employees who have been injured while on the job in another country. Only businesses that require out-of-country travel will carry this type of coverage.

For example, a marketing firm may require an executive to travel to Europe for three days to meet with a client. If the employee suffers a serious slip and fall injury during the business meeting, they can file a FVWC claim to their employer. The process works the same way: report the injury, collect all relevant medical bills/expenses, and hire an experienced attorney.

*Note: This is different than an extraterritorial workers’ comp claim, which has to do with on-the-job injuries sustained in another state.

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Barred from Receiving Benefits

You may be barred from receiving FVWC benefits if you were injured outside the scope of your employment. For example, if the employee suffers a serious slip and fall injury walking in a city park after the business meeting, they may not be eligible for workers’ compensation.

Another example would be if the employee is injured outside of the time restrictions from their employer. For instance, the employer pays for the employee’s four-day business trip to Europe. The employee then decides to stay abroad for one extra day. They suffer a serious slip and fall injury on their fifth day abroad. They would not be eligible for Foreign Voluntary Workers’ Compensation Coverage.

Some employers have 24-hour coverage. This would mean that the employee is covered for any injury or illness sustained in a foreign country, even if it is not work-related.

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