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One of the more complicated questions we receive from our clients is, “Does workers’ comp cover pre-existing conditions?” If you were injured while on the job, you might be worried that pre-existing medical conditions could ruin your right to benefits. We would love to hear more about your particular case. Contact the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Young to schedule a free consultation.

Does Workers’ Comp Cover Pre-Existing Conditions? | Massachusetts Injury Law

Say, for instance, you have a pre-existing condition — such as a prior shoulder injury — that was re-aggravated while at work. In Massachusetts, there are a couple of standards. If it’s a prior work-related injury that’s aggravated, even the slightest aggravation is a new claim. If it’s a non-work-related prior injury that’s aggravated, it’s a little bit different in that you have to prove that the new injury is at least one of the “major factors” in your need for treatment or disability. It doesn’t have to be the “predominant cause.”

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Does Workers’ Comp Cover Pre-Existing Conditions? | Repetitive Stress Injuries

Several worker populations are affected more commonly by this type of injury. You may be at a higher risk for developing a repetitive stress work injury if:

  • You Spend Long Hours on a Computer – Sitting at a computer might seem safe. Yet, the repetition of sitting and typing at a keyboard is the leading cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. Computer jobs can also cause neck and shoulder pain and vision impairments.
  • You Work in Construction – Construction workers are often called upon to complete repetitive tasks. Vibrating tools like jackhammers, for example, cause musculoskeletal trauma after long-term and repeated use. Additionally, heavy lifting and repetitive motions (like swinging a hammer) can also cause repetitive stress injuries.
  • You Stand or Sit for Long Hours – Excessive standing or sitting can cause severe damage to the body. If you spend most of the workday on your feet, or sitting at a desk, you may be at risk for developing a repetitive stress condition.

In Massachusetts, workers’ compensation benefits are available for workers who sustain job-related injuries. These benefits help workers pay for related medical costs, as well as to offset lost wages from time away from work. Ultimately, no matter your type of injury, if it was caused by repetitive or excessive motions, you may be entitled to compensation.

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