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Different Workers’ Comp Benefits

There are a variety of different workers’ comp benefits available to injured employees under Massachusetts state law. If you have been hurt at work or on a job site, contact our experienced Massachusetts workers’ compensation lawyers today. We will defend your rights against the insurance companies and make sure you are fully compensated for all damages you have suffered.

Different Workers’ Comp Benefits | Social Security Disability

A question I get a lot from clients is, “I’m out of workers’ compensation; I’m going to be out for an extended period of time or permanently; am I entitled to Social Security Disability benefits?” The answer is, in Massachusetts, yes. If you’re qualified for Social Security Disability and you’re going to be out for a year or more, you should apply for those benefits.

There are formulas that Social Security uses that may offset, meaning reduce, the benefits you get based on what you’re getting for workers’ compensation benefits. You need to speak to an attorney that specializes in workers’ compensation in Massachusetts because there are ways to settle your workers’ comp case, allocate that over your life expectancy, and then lower that payment amount that Social Security uses in order to determine whether you’re offset, so you may end up getting your full Social Security benefits back. Again, you should speak to a qualified Massachusetts workers’ comp attorney about this issue.

Different Workers’ Comp Benefits | Wage Replacement

I got a call from a gentleman who was hurt at work, is able to go back to work, but couldn’t do his job and couldn’t make the same amount of money he was getting before. In Massachusetts, under workers’ compensation, if you’re unable to earn what your average weekly wage was before the accident, you’re entitled to 60% of the difference between your average weekly wage prior to the injury and what you’re able to earn after the injury. You should definitely talk to an attorney to know what your rights are with regard to those benefits.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured and have questions about the different workers’ comp benefits available in Massachusetts? Contact an experienced Lowell workers compensation lawyer at The Law Office of Jeffrey A. Young today for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you.

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