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man who has vision loss after a workplace accident

Compensation for Vision and Hearing Loss

If a workplace injury in Massachusetts has resulted in the partial or total loss of your ability to hear or see, you may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation for your injuries. Here is what you need to know about compensation for vision and hearing loss, and how our Lowell workers’ comp attorneys can help you recover financially.

Compensation for Vision and Hearing Loss | Temporary Total Incapacity

Temporary Total Incapacity benefits are awarded to employees who suffer an injury or illness which prevents their ability to work as they recover.  Generally, this benefit amounts to 60% of the employee’s gross average weekly wage, and can last for up to 156 weeks or until the employee is released to return to work; whichever is shorter.  This benefit is not payable until the injured worker has missed 5 days of work as a result of the incapacity.  If the worker is out for 21 days or longer, they are then entitled to payment for their initial 5 days of missed work.  For example, if an injured worker suffered an eye injury that forced them to miss thirty days of work, their temporary benefits would commence on day 6 and upon the 21st day off of work they would then be entitled to benefits for the initial 5 days missed.

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Compensation for Vision and Hearing Loss | Partial Incapacity

Partial Incapacity benefits are available to an injured worker who is still able to work but sustain a loss to their earning capacity as they recover.  This benefit amounts to 75% of a worker’s Temporary Total Incapacity and may be payable for up to 260 weeks.

Compensation for Vision and Hearing Loss | Total Incapacity

Permanent and Total Incapacity Benefits are available to injured workers who are totally and permanently disabled from any and all vocations as a result of their illness or injury. This benefit equals two-thirds of the workers’ gross average weekly wage and are payable for as long as the employee is disabled.

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